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Well hello DK, it been a while.

Time pass by to quickly. In a blink of an eye 5 years had past already. Those 5 years felt like it was just yesterday. Time is something we can never get back.

DK, if you ever read this and I hope your time was wasted also.

Thank you. LoL


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Admin, are you still active? I see that you have logged on about five months ago. There are many things that need to be done here as you can see. I understand everyone is busy and cannot be online as much, but it will be appreciated if you actually take the time to update your site. Update the format and the layout if you must along with the chatroom.

Certain update may cost, but at least think of your users. Without them your site won’t go on. The user’s deserve an update. Do consider.

Story Time - A twist in hmong fairy tales

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Long, long ago, in a small village, lived a young talented man named Nuj Nphlaib. He was an astounding archer and well known for many of his musical talents. The village men would always invite Nuj Nplhaib on hunting trips, while the girls love to hais kwv txhiaj and tshuab nplooj with him. When there are funerals, people would come and seek Nuj Nphlaib to help tshuab qeej.


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