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Who You Are.

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In the darkness of where I first met you, you held onto me and whispered to me of an everlasting happiness. A sanctuary in the middle of an enchanted forest is what you would have called it. With every word you spoke, you swayed me into your arms. Deeper we went, into the depths of our minds where we dared to have never explored. Without me, you wouldn’t exist. I was the one who fed your inner desires, you were the one who I found salvation in. With every conversation, there were more “hellos” than “goodbyes.” I’ve become accustomed to you with every breath I took.

Here, again.

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I’ve lost myself in you, but you have no eyes to see that I’m drowning in your existence. You no longer lend an ear to listen to my words, for they no longer have any meaning. For once I thought that maybe you could have been the one to ease my suffering, yet I’ve been nothing but a dreadful burden. To have that thought that maybe you could have been the one to walk along side me as I paint the dreams of my life was nothing but an honest mistake. I am regretful that it has come to this point of time in our lives where nothing seems to matter anymore.

Our Last Chapter.

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We were built on lies and our foundation started out as weak. I should have known from the very beginning that we would crumble into pitiful little pieces. Our worthless masterpiece in the making will soon come to an end. Our long thread of memories will deteriorate as time passes us by. Our love song will resonate into the blue skies above us when the last note has been sung. Our moments together will be nothing but meaningless bygones buried in the dust. In this lifetime, time has struck us wrong and the clock is still ticking. For you and I, time is all we have left.

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