Story Time - A twist in hmong fairy tales

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Long, long ago, in a small village, lived a young talented man named Nuj Nphlaib. He was an astounding archer and well known for many of his musical talents. The village men would always invite Nuj Nplhaib on hunting trips, while the girls love to hais kwv txhiaj and tshuab nplooj with him. When there are funerals, people would come and seek Nuj Nphlaib to help tshuab qeej.

Who You Are.

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In the darkness of where I first met you, you held onto me and whispered to me of an everlasting happiness. A sanctuary in the middle of an enchanted forest is what you would have called it. With every word you spoke, you swayed me into your arms. Deeper we went, into the depths of our minds where we dared to have never explored. Without me, you wouldn’t exist. I was the one who fed your inner desires, you were the one who I found salvation in. With every conversation, there were more “hellos” than “goodbyes.” I’ve become accustomed to you with every breath I took.

Bedwetting in children need not be worried about.

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If your child has a problem of bedwetting, do not feel upset about it. Although it gets embarrassing for some parents to discuss this issue with their friends, we need to understand that all children are different and such a problem is a developmental issue.

Children are gifts of almighty. We may often feel that are kids act lazy to urinate on time. We may even feel that we have not toilet trained our child properly. However we should not forget that it is normal for children below seven years of age to pass urine in their sleep.


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