My best friend

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We grew up living two different world
Still you manage to make mine twirled
We grew up being childhood friends
We were each other lends
You wasn't just someone but someone close
Even though you're gone, you're still my number one dose
You were my reasons
To live and love every 4 seasons
I never knew our goodbye have to come an end
If only god is willing to resend
Then it wouldn't be so hard to see you lay in the coffin
That's why you run in my mind mindlessly often
It hurts too much to see your vision
Learning and living has become a collision
If we only was to admit to one another of our feeling
Then there wouldn't be any lingering
Now I'm just here clinging onto our memories
Running in my mind like a melody
My best friend, let's have faith
So we can be brought together by fate
Let our destiny meet next life
So I can be your wife
Happy like how we've first laid eyes on


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Nice but sad....

Nice but sad....

"Be happie in everything you do in life, keep your promises, cherish everyone that comes and goes your way, and most importantly...remember to always smile for me..." -mai 03.22.10

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