What represent Hmong?

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I was doing some thinking and there is not much things that represent Hmong. Can you think of some things that represent Hmong and only Hmong?


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Hmong Wedding Hmong

Hmong Wedding
Hmong Clothes
Hmong Funeral
Kidnapping Wife
Hmong Qeej
Hmong Last Names
Hmong Earrings
Hmong Necklaces
Hmong Language
Hmong Paj Ntaub (Those stitches that tell a story or others...not related to clothes.)
Ua Neeb
Hmong Family with over 208429483294 relatives
Hmong Fights at New Years. LOL! Jk.

Hrmmmmmmm What's about you?
OH! last one. ME. I'm Hmong. :D liiFe

Hi boys and girls of Hp. =] liiFe

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I want to say, "Isn't this a

I want to say, "Isn't this a silly question to ask?" BUT, I'll stop myself. Isn't it your own culture, history, folk tales, religion, etc..? It goes for other culture too.

Kuv yog hmoob, thiab kuv represent hmoob vim kuv yug los yog hmoob. :D

"I know, I know. Hmong is spell with an "H" first."