A little about Viagra

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The most effective drug, cures erectile dysfunction a man who is known to all, is Viagra. This means good for the body as a whole, and can cause complications in principle. It increases blood flow in the arteries of the penis, and thereby brings the erection. Any man can go to the drugstore and buy Viagra, it is much easier than to go for a consultation with a specialist. In addition, recently there are many online stores that specialize in selling Viagra and similar drugs. Buy viagra over the internet - so buy it fast, easy, convenient and confidential. After all, not every man will agree to go to the pharmacy to make such a sensitive purchase.
One of the most common misconceptions in the field of similar stimulant drugs is the fact that Viagra should act immediately after the adoption of the body, causing a "rise of vitality", if I may say so. In fact, we should not forget that this drug is only a cure, the cure stimulating, so if you are guided by the principle of "bought, received, acted", you should not immediately run to the pharmacy claims and cries that no tangible effect is not come. As with any drug with Viagra is necessary to consider several additional factors, firstly, the main reason for your excitement, all the same, is your partner, so try first to draw attention to various additional foreplay - kissing, fondling, words of tenderness and love, a joint watching erotic videos. Secondly, try to take into account exactly your individual dose of Viagra, as sometimes the amount of medication you have taken, you will be not enough.
This applies to cases where a man takes a minimum concentration of the drug - 25 milligrams. But it is worth and remember that there is a limit to this drug - no more than 100 milligrams of Viagra a day. And thirdly - try to remember that Viagra does not cause erections. It only supports this process and helps him come faster, so the rest is up to you. Try to also refer to the sex therapist to discuss with him all of the additional conditions, believe me, if you follow all these rules, no complaints in bed with you and your partner will not arise. And I would like to explain the concept of generic Viagra - because in most cases you will buy it it, not expensive original drug "Viagra". Generic - is similar to the original drug, with the same active substances, in the same concentration. Generic similar to the original, in principle, its operation, methods and ways of reception and output speed of the body.