calling out EMCEE!!! you say you wanna text battle but you logged off...heres a snippet about your life 6-8 bars come at me dipshiet

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Emcee was born in the year of the Fag, year two thousand and hella-gay/
Dont get me wrong he was born this way, mentally not gifted and physically forever-gay//
This kid " Wack EMCEE" needs to grow up, and stop hiding in his dads nuttsack/
bc every time his dad jerks off then he pops out, talking smack, thats how he got the name Wack//
dont be scared homie, step up to the plate, and get strike in the face/
critical surgeries to your face, and yet yous still uglier that batman villian "TwoFace."//

People of HP

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We're either shady, stuck up, flirts, desperate, or screen watchers. Maybe a combination of two or more characters. Which creates and turn others into trolls.

Shady people: they like to observe and tend keep their personal shit to themselves. They have trust issues and hardly invest in "friends". Sometimes they're too good to talk to just anyone and wait for "cool" people to get on. Open up a little and not all "cool" people are worthy of your time investment.


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