The dead wife

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Back in Laos when Hmong people were still wearing Hmong clothes, a sister and her sister-in-law went to the farm early in the morning. Each of them wearing two xauv (the silver plats around the neck).

When they got to the farm, the SIL told the sister to go pick cucumbers from the top of the hill, and SIL herself will go pick cucumbers from the bottom of the hill. The sister did as she was told and went up the hill to pick cucumbers.

The long hair woman

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Everything was great when my husband and I first moved into the new apartment in Fresno, Ca. We were finally getting our life started. We just moved out of the in laws (not saying I hated living there), but it was finally the real deal--living on your own, paying your own rent, buying your own food, and etc. I've always been the very independent type, so it was exciting to get that kind of freedom back.

The voodoo dildo

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A man walks into a sex store and tell's the manager his girl been feeling unpleasured lately and he wants to buy a dildo that will knock her off her feet. The manager says he has one but he's not suppose to sell it. He takes it off the back shelf and said this is a voodoo dildo then hands it over to the man to look at. The man curious of it asks "how does it work? What does it do?" The manger says "watch", "VOODOO DILDO, DOORKNOB" then the voodoo dildo goes over there and starts screwing the doorknob then falls off. Surprised and amazed the man offers him a thousand dollars.

His first bj

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A young man walks up and sits at a bar. The bartender asks "what can I get for ya?" The young man replies "let me get six shots of whisky." The bartender "six shots? Are you sure? What's the occasion?" The young man " my first blowjob." The bartender with a big smile on his face, offers the young man the seventh shot for free. The young man replies "sir I don't think six shots would even kill the taste in my mouth."

Having sex the Jewish way.

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A Jewish man walks into a whorehouse. The madame asks him what he'd like. He asks if any of the women there can have sex "the Jewish way". Puzzled, she goes to each of the unoccupied rooms, and asks the woman inside if she's familiar with having sex the Jewish way. Finally, they get to the last room. Inside is a prostitute who's extremely talented, and is one of the most expensive in the area. She asks, "do you know how to have sex the Jewish way? This man's looking for a woman who does". She responds, "no, I haven't. But to stay at the top of my profession, I'm always looking to improve.


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