Weight lost program

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An over weight man saw an ad: "lose 5 kg in a week" in the newspaper. He calls the company and a lady says be ready tomorrow at 6 am. The next morning he opens the door and finds a hot babe with just shoes, undergarments and shirt saying: " you catch me you fuck me!" and the girl starts running. He starts running but doesn't catch her. during the whole week he tried to catch her but couldn't. however he loses 5 kg. He then ask for the 10 kg program. next morning at 6 he opens the door and sees an even hotter babe in shoes, thong and a shirt saying: "you catch me you fuck me".


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Most of you probably know or seen him on chat. He is a 35 year old virgin. He's never been married in his life. He said he's too ugly and when he approach women, they run like they seen a ghost. His mother and father disowned him at the age of 14 cause villagers were complaining he was too ugly and scarying all the kids. He was then later exiled from his hometown. He is now currently living in the state of California where he pick up cans on the street or sometime mow neighbor's lawn for cash. He makes just enough to live by. God bless this poor oldman.

Marriage kidnapping.

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We all know back in laos, ugly guys who cant get a pretty girl will talk his friends into helping him kidnap her for marriage. Then send two of his elders with some money and drinks to the girl's family to let them know they have married their daughter and not to look for her. This is all in the past, but even today in the US, ugly guys who cant get laid will still kidnap. I have 4 friends in the US who been kidnapped for marriage. I'm pissed how low these ugly losers will go to just to get laid. My thoughts, if you ugly and cant get a girl, please dont kidnap her. Go get surgery.

Fallen in love

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In your arms, a world of grace,
I knew that I had found my place.
Your wonderful smile, the sound of your voice,
It was perfectly clear, I had no choice.

Your gentle hand reached out to mine,
Something I thought I would never find.
When I gazed into your eyes,
A heart protected, lost its disguise.

A strange sensation came over me,
My step was light, my heart was free.
The only thing that can be true,
Is that I had fallen in love with you.

For you

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I remember how we met,
A beautiful scene with us on the set,
You stared at me, them googly eyes,
A whole night gone, oh how time flies,
Stole my attention from league of legends,
Dropped to bronze because of your affection,
I should be in challenger but it's ok,
Because you're here, I get to smile all day!


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