Fallen in love

Queenieyaj's picture

In your arms, a world of grace,
I knew that I had found my place.
Your wonderful smile, the sound of your voice,
It was perfectly clear, I had no choice.

Your gentle hand reached out to mine,
Something I thought I would never find.
When I gazed into your eyes,
A heart protected, lost its disguise.

A strange sensation came over me,
My step was light, my heart was free.
The only thing that can be true,
Is that I had fallen in love with you.

For you

Calcifer's picture

I remember how we met,
A beautiful scene with us on the set,
You stared at me, them googly eyes,
A whole night gone, oh how time flies,
Stole my attention from league of legends,
Dropped to bronze because of your affection,
I should be in challenger but it's ok,
Because you're here, I get to smile all day!


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